• The Real-Life Story of Budd Schulberg

    While Budd Schulberg is best remembered for his Oscar-winning screenplay On the Waterfront, he had a diverse and phenomenal career as a screenwriter, novelist, sports writer, and television producer.

  • Stuttering: Why we need a broader view to help children (and adults) who stutter

    If you remember your original “intro” text to communication sciences and disorders, it probably was divided into broad sections, such as Speech, Language and Hearing. Indeed, that was the actual title of my own intro text. In such texts, stuttering was always covered in the section on Speech Disorders.

  • Foundation's President Introduces Award-Winning Author at St. Simons School

    Stuttering Foundation President Jane Fraser had the honor of introducing author Vince Vawter for a presentation about his book Paperboy.

  • Survey on Stuttering Treatment

    This survey is a unique opportunity for both parents/guardians of school-age children and adolescents who stutter and the children themselves to express their ideas about their child’s treatment.

  • Journey of a Stutterer

    “Journey of a Stutterer” follows my struggle to manage the beast of stuttering. The story is told using a few defining and illustrative vignettes over time. These literary sketches are a small sample of hundreds of events.

  • 7 Tips for Preparing for Job Interviews

    Whether you stutter or not, job interviews are among life’s most difficult tests. The first thing to remember is that interviews are very tough for everybody; not just you. Here are seven tips to make your next job interview your best job interview. 

  • How FDR's Speeches Helped Nervous Kid

    David Shribman was a self-described “nervous kid” who grew up in a small beach town in Massachusetts. Now-a-days, you are more likely to find David on the dais than anyplace else. “I speak publicly, and usually flawlessly, 12-15 times each month.”

  • Stuttering Didn't Stop These Media Giants

    Two giants of publishing and media in the twentieth century dealt with stuttering all throughout their lives. Henry Luce and Walter Annenberg were among the very most influential Americans of their generation.

  • Students Pay It Forward

    During my almost 20 years as a school-based SLP, I’ve learned many things from students and families. What I’ve learned from Pete is no exception.

  • Stuttering & Public Speaking

    Meet John Moore – longtime corporate marketing executive at famous brand names like Whole Foods and Starbucks. Nobody is more competitive than John. He is driven to be the best. Nothing will stand in his way… not even his stuttering. John calls himself The Stuttering Presenter.