Single copies can be obtained by calling (800) 992-9392 and are mailed free of charge. The on-line brochures contain all the text but none of the pictures of the printed brochures. Note that we have PDF (Adobe Acrobat format) versions for download and viewing of most of the brochures. Also note that the PDFs may be laid out for printing on front and back of a page and then folded. At the bottom of this page you will find the brochures translated into other languages.

In addition to these brochures, we now offer free, easy-to-print handouts. Click here

18 Famous People Who Stutter Features well-known and successful individuals who stutter. This inspiring brochure is especially useful to raise awareness during Stuttering Awareness Week. Download the PDF.

Bullying and SLPs. Download the PDF.

Stuttering Myths, Beliefs and Straight Talk. Download the PDF.

8 Tips for Teachers. Download the PDF.

7 Tips for Talking with Your Child. Download the PDF.

Autism Spectrum Disorders and Stuttering. Download the PDF.

6 Tips For Speaking With Someone Who Stutters. Download the PDF.

Myths About Stuttering. Download the PDF.

If You Think Your Child Is Stuttering — Explains the difference between normal speech development and stuttering in the young child and gives nine new tips for parents and others on how to help the disfluent child. Download the PDF.

Stuttering and Tourette's Syndrome. Download the PDF.

Notes to the Teacher: The Child Who Stutters at School — Answers for teachers about how to help the child who stutters in the classroom. Download the PDF.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Stuttering. Download the PDF.

Special Education Law & Children Who Stutter. Download the PDF.

Why Speech Therapy? — Tells what to look for and what to expect from therapy. An important tool for finding a therapist and setting realistic goals. Download the PDF.

Using the Telephone: A Guide for Those Who Stutter — A helpful guide for those who have difficulty speaking on the telephone. Download the PDF.

Cluttering: Some Guidelines — What it is and how to help.Download the PDF.

Down's Syndrome and Stuttering — Discusses the effect of Down's Syndrome on fluency and how to help people with Down's Syndrome." Download the PDF.

Did You Know... — A fact sheet about stuttering. Download the PDF.

Answers for Employers — Greater understanding of stuttering benefits both the organization and workers. A must for the job interview. Download the PDF.

Stuttering and the Bilingual Child— Gives guidelines on how to help the bilingual child who stutters. It offers suggestions for reducing language demands on those children and includes ideas for structuring therapy. Download the PDF.

Neurogenic Stuttering: Some Guidelines — What it is and how to help. Download the PDF.

The Stuttering Foundation: A Brief History — a brochure of the Foundation's history and services. Download the PDF.

Translations of brochures, flyers, and other Stuttering Foundation resources.