Dr. Klaas Bakker, professor emeritus from Missouri State University, was presented with the Deso Weiss Award for his outstanding contributions to cluttering. Dr. Bakker was nominated by several leaders in the field of cluttering.

Below is an outline of Dr. Bakker’s accomplishments that led his colleagues to nominate him for this award:

· 71 referred journal articles, book chapters, proceedings and paper or poster presentations at national and international professional conferences
· Assisted in the development of the 1996 special edition on cluttering in the Journal of Fluency Disorders

· Editor for the Proceedings of the First World Conference on Cluttering
· Founding webmaster for the International Cluttering Association (ICA)
· Over 12 years, serving with the ICA in multiple roles, including Coordinator of the ICA Website and Communications Committee, member of the Research and Academic Committees, and member of the ICA Executive Board
· Served as consultant to the First Online Cluttering Conference

Clinically Related Developments:
· Cluttering Assessment Program (CLASP), freeware program for measuring aspects of cluttering
· Cluttering Severity Instrument (CSI), freeware program
· Co-chaired the Ad-hoc Committee that was formed for the development of an ICA sponsored definition of cluttering

Through the International Cluttering Association, much work was done to spread education and awareness about cluttering, to form research partnerships, to make clinical recommendations, and to assemble a body of representatives from around the world interested in the topic of cluttering. But none of that work would have been possible if it were not for the website that Klaas began and continued to develop as the ICA grew and its needs continued to change and develop. Congratulations Dr. Bakker, your contributions are appreciated!

From the Fall 2022 Magazine