• Of Mice and Men

    Stuttering in Mice: Dr. Terra D. Barnes, Dr. Timothy E. Holy, and Dr. Dennis Drayna answer questions about the latest research.

  • Stuttering Foundation Launches ID Card for People Who Stutter

    The Stuttering Foundation created a free identification card available to all those who stutter. It is designed to help them identify themselves in a nonverbal way as someone who may have trouble speaking.

  • Catching Up with the Girl Who Stutters

    The Girl Who Stutters is a new, free e-book available from the Stuttering Foundation that’s perfect for young readers. Parents, grandparents, teachers, and SLPs should take note of this book for use with their elementary children, grandchildren, and students.

  • "The Thoughts of a Stutterer"

    The thoughts of a stutterer. The moment you realize you are different. Your whole world changes. You speak and strange looks are given to you. A child looks at you and wonders what is wrong with you. You are entering school wondering if you will ever make any friends.

  • Teaching Monroe to Stutter

    You never know what will come your way when you get up in the morning. One day in November 2014, I was contacted by a representative of a Portland, Oregon theatre company, Portland Center Stage, about consulting with an actor who was going to play a character who stutters.

  • Daughter Honors Amazing Mom

    Kendra Joyce’s mother, Kara Joyce, has stuttered her entire life. Of course that only makes her more special in Kendra’s eyes. “My mom has always been a beautiful singer and has written some beautiful songs in her lifetime,” Kendra tells us.

  • An Historic Figure Who Stuttered

    Cotton Mather, a prominent figure in U.S. history, rose above stuttering to achieve success. The Puritan leader of colonial America is considered one of the most prolific writers in American history.

  • Wonders of Waverly

    Meet Margaret Griffo and her dog Waverly — a beautiful two-and-a-half year old Keeshond. The duo make up a registered Pet Partners® team. They are among only a handful who currently provide fluency therapy to patients.

  • Survey on the Impact of Stuttering in the Workplace

    The Stuttering Foundation is assisting in an important survey on the impact of stuttering in the workplace. Through your answers, we will be better able to provide employment advice to people who stutter and offer improved education to employers.

  • Greetings from The Netherlands

    My name is Sjef van Lierop. I am 44 years old and I am a garbage truck driver. My hobby is playing the bass drum, and I am also the drum major for several marching bands in our area.