• Podcast Goes Global

    Stuttering Foundation Podcast kicked off in 2019 with weekly episodes, hosted by Sara MacIntyre, M.A., CCC-SLP.

  • Lisa Ann Scott

    Dr. Lisa Ann Scott, 54, of Tallahassee, FL died peacefully in her home on Tuesday, December 24, 2019 after a long and brave battle with breast cancer. Born on January 28, 1965, in Lincoln, NE, Lisa was the daughter of Edward (Connie) Harman and Linda (Larry) Frahm.

  • Courses Reaching Record Number of Therapists

    More than 8,000 continuing education course sessions have been offered by the Stuttering Foundation since its online CEU program began in the Spring of 2014, providing specialized training in the treatment of stuttering to more than 4,500 Speech-Language Pathologists who provide patients and families with stuttering therapy.

  • Physical Body: Invisible Stutter

    "Physical Body: Invisible Stutter" is a photo series consisting of 10 images to bring the concept of stuttering as an invisible disability to light. More than 70 million people worldwide stutter yet the stigma against stuttering and people who stutter is still prevalent across countries and cultures today.

  • Following Up with An SFA Ambassador

    When we first interviewed Vanessa Tremonte, she was our teen spokesperson and had just won the Miss Arizona Jr. National Teenager pageant. Since then, she’s grown up, started a career and a family. Although she decided to move on from pageantry to focus on school, Vanessa tells us her exposure to and experience in pageants gave her the confidence and poise she needed to be her best self and overcome her fear of public speaking.

  • Tribute to Esteemed Irish Authors

    While the Irish literacy legacy is historically rich with famous writers, it is important to recognize that some of these writers have struggled with stuttering, as has been the case for many authors all over the world. It is an understatement to say that Irish people who stutter — as well as all people who stutter — are proud of these Irish writers.

  • NFL Superstar and Stuttering Superhero

    Adrian Nicholas Peterson is known as a former running back for the Chicago Bears in the NFL, but he is more than just an athlete; he is also an inspiration to people who struggle with stuttering.

  • Spinning the Struggle

    Jason Heffler, aka DJ Fluencee, found his voice through music. Growing up with a stutter, he struggled against bullies and feelings of isolation, but his family always had his back. Read more to find out about his experience growing up with a stutter and breaking through the music industry.

  • Bringing It Home

    When Brandon stepped into my office a few weeks ago, he did not know the word "stuttering." Yet, surely in his own way, he did know it.

  • Stuttering to Speak

    I can remember stomping my feet and rolling my eyes hoping the words would come out quicker. These were outward expressions of how frustrated I was because of the challenges I experienced with my speech.