• Looking Beyond the Stutter

    For a long time I felt as though my stutter was robbing me of the person I wanted to be; I was the shy girl who didn’t really say much, which in today's world is somehow synonymous with not knowing much, and I was always viewed as less capable than others.

  • 30 Years of Workshops: Spreading the Word Around the Globe

    Malcolm Fraser was a visionary. Drawing upon his experiences as both an entrepreneur and a person who stuttered, he knew that the future of therapy lay squarely in the hands of well trained therapists and that specialty training would be a must.
  • Reaching Out to the World

    Lisbon, Portugal, is one of the oldest cities in the world. But this summer it was also the location for discussing some of the newest research on stuttering.

  • Libraries Put Stuttering Resources on Display

    Many libraries across the country sent us pictures of their displays for National Stuttering Awareness Week. Thank you for helping us spread the word about stuttering.

  • General Battled Stuttering

    While the Internet era has no shortage of famous people who stutter, one prominent figure in U.S. history is Joshua Chamberlain, a Union Army general and hero of the Civil War.

  • Q&A: It’s Our Turn to Ask the Questions

    Todd Whatley is an attorney in Northwest Arkansas who specializes in helping the elderly. Todd began stuttering at a very young age and has worked to manage his speech although he says he still struggles all the time.

  • Helping Our Graduates Succeed

    You’ve graduated from college! Woo hoo! Your friends and family are so excited! Everyone is telling you, “This is it!”, “Today begins the rest of your life!”, “You’re gonna miss homework once you get a taste of the real world!”, and “No more summer vacations for you!”

  • Jigger Gives Stuttering Help the Green Flag

    When AutoWeek in 2006 ran an article featuring Stuttering Foundation friend and ambassador-at-large Jigger Sirois, the response was outstanding. During the past 9 years since the article ran, Jigger continues to educate the public on stuttering.

  • Actor Sam Neill Talks About Stuttering

    In the pre-Internet era of the early 1990s, actor Sam Neill seemed to be one of the few celebrities who was open about his stuttering in both print and broadcast media. At the time, he spoke openly of his stuttering on entertainment shows in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and New Zealand.

  • Dr. Fred Murray lives, and writes, A Stutterer’s Story

    Dr. Frederick Murray, 89, whose stuttering began suddenly and violently at an early age, is a retired speech pathologist who taught at the University of New Hampshire and directed the stuttering therapy program there for many years.