• Workshop on Cluttering in Italy

    There will be a workshop on cluttering with Yvonne Van Zaalen on Sept. 28-30, 2018, in Turin, Italy.

  • Stuttering Can't Stop You

    It all started at the age of 6. My mother thought my speech pattern was due to me mimicking my cousin and brother, who had a stutter, too.

  • Stutter Love

    The tale of “Austin and Shelly Forever” sounds like your typical vaguely romantic love story...

  • 1965: Speech Pathology and Audiology Research Then and Now

    This article was written by Dr. Charles Van Riper in 1965. Van Riper's research remains valuable and important to consider more than 50 years later.

  • On the Stage

    For more than a year, celebrated author Vince Vawter has been collaborating with Jim Wann on a stage show that will be of great interest to the stuttering community — Paperboy: A Musical.

  • The Scale of My Stuttering

    Glenn McClure traveled to Antarctica to study changes in the ice — and to use the data he collected in a new musical project, the latest in McClure's history of combining math, music, and nature.

  • Celebrity Spotlight: Steve Harvey

    While most of Steve Harvey's success stems from his skill at entertaining crowds, as a child his stutter made him terrified of speaking in front of audiences.

  • A Bright, Shiny Object

    Research findings can sometimes serve as a bright, shiny object, distracting our attention from the methods of study.

  • Journey of the Jaguar

    Long-time Stuttering Foundation friend Alan Rabinowitz is CEO of the only organization devoted exclusively to the conservation of the wild cat species.

  • A Creative Ally

    Nino Ilievski is the creative genius behind the Stuttering Foundation's poignant public service ads.