"Slow down ... just take a deep breath"

There are two phrases I have always found the most frustrating (although well meaning).

Stuttering in the Military

SFA Blogger Jordan Northrup Shares His Experiences in the United States Marine Corps.

Bad Connection

If I have learned anything on my journey with stuttering it is that this journey is not linear.

The Advocacy Iceberg

If you’ve been in the stuttering world long enough, then you’ve heard the popular stuttering iceberg analogy. Advocacy is also like an iceberg.

Ask Me Anything

Blogger James Hayden takes to social media to answers questions about stuttering.

How To Be Resilient

Every one of us go through periods where we feel overwhelmed by life, adverse situations, and our professional careers. Everyone experiences adversity, but why do some of us succeed? Why do some of us overcome, while others fall apart in ruin?

The Look

If you're a person who stutters, I don't need to describe "the look" to you. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

Grace in Advocacy

If you were to make a recipe for advocacy, what would your ingredients be? For me, this recipe is missing what I think is the most important ingredient of them all: grace.

A Crisis of Identity

A blog by Jordan Northrup
Who am I? Am I Marine? Was I a drunk? Was I a failed husband? Am I a Christian? Am I a stutterer? The answer is that I am all those things and probably more that I haven’t yet discovered, but I am not bound by my attributes.

What Taking a Hiatus from Advocacy Taught Me About Advocacy

What does being an advocate mean to you? According to the Merrian-Webster Dictionary, an advocate is “a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.”