Grace in Advocacy

If you were to make a recipe for advocacy, what would your ingredients be? For me, this recipe is missing what I think is the most important ingredient of them all: grace.

A Crisis of Identity

A blog by Jordan Northrup
Who am I? Am I Marine? Was I a drunk? Was I a failed husband? Am I a Christian? Am I a stutterer? The answer is that I am all those things and probably more that I haven’t yet discovered, but I am not bound by my attributes.

What Taking a Hiatus from Advocacy Taught Me About Advocacy

What does being an advocate mean to you? According to the Merrian-Webster Dictionary, an advocate is “a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.”

What I Want to Say vs What I Can Say

“Hi! Welcome to your favorite restaurant. What can I get for you today?” For most people, this basic conversation is nothing to write an article about. They order what they want, pay for their food, and continue on with their day. Yet for people who stutter, what we want to order might be different than what we can order. Let me explain.

Stuttering and "Bridgerton"

Recently, “Bridgerton,” the Netflix hit in association with Shondaland based on Julia Quinn’s novel The Duke and I, broke records as people tuned in to watch a sexy duke and a high-profile family find love in gossipy, Regency-era London. But in modern society, would fluent people be open to listening to people who stutter—let alone consider people who stutter attractive?

Getting Rid of “Did I Stutter?”

This phrase has been around for decades and has been said in every possible venue: film, NFL press conferences, scripted and non-scripted television, commercials, gifs, memes, TikToks, everyday conversations, and tweets from politicians.

Stuttering Was There, But I Didn’t Care

By this point in our relationship, dear reader, I think it’s safe to say you know I’m a superfan of the TV show Survivor.

My Medical Records and Stuttering

Talking to others in both the medical community and the stuttering community, stuttering and how to interact with patients who stutter are rarely discussed.

3 Must-See Videos from the Our YouTube Channel

Our materials now reach 138 countries around the world. Some of our most popular videos are available on YouTube.

To the Young Person Who Stutters

I'm going to share with you a half dozen or so ideas. If you embrace any one of them, your life will improve.