Recruiting Fluent Allies

I begin this blog post reflecting on opposing events which have prompted a call for the recruitment of allies for people who stutter. Last year, it was heartening to see that the theme from the International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference was "Stuttering Pride: Respect. Dignity. Recognition."

Making Changes Over Time

This is a story about how a young man’s stuttering journey and his road to effective communication and self-acceptance as a person who stutters.

Ben's Speech

Working with young people who stutter has taught me many things. One thing which never ceases to amaze me is the amount of courage young people exhibit when talking and stuttering. Having a voice in a world where time pressure is imminent and there is an expectation for fluent communication can make talking difficult.

Paying it Forward by Raising Awareness About Stuttering

This week, during National Stuttering Awareness Week, pay it forward for people who stutter by talking about stuttering. We know that talking about stuttering, educating others about what stuttering is and what it isn’t, and celebrating stuttering is important. But how important is it really?


Stuttering in the Media

We’re almost a quarter of the way into 2016 and the spotlight on stuttering has shone brightly. Here is a recap of some of the events over the past few months which have got us talking.

Olly and Kate’s Story – Stuttering Therapy in the Preschool Years

I have been fortunate to have many teachers in my career as a specialist speech language pathologist. None of the formal learning can surpass the everyday interactions I have with the families I work with.

International Stuttering Awareness Day – October 22nd

International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) is Oct. 22 and this year’s theme is “Spread the Word – Education, Cooperation, Communication."

UISPEAKS: Empowering Teens Who Stutter

I observed a weeklong residential program for teenagers who stutter. This unique experience demonstrated the importance of individualising stuttering therapy, as opposed to sticking to a strict therapeutic program where all participants were expected to work on the same goals.

Therapy for Preschool Children Who Stutter and Government Policy

UPDATE: As we approach the end of Stuttering Awareness Week, news broke that Speech Pathology Australia’s (SPA) government proposal to reimburse only one type of stuttering treatment has been declined by the Australian Government.

Problem with “One Size Fits All”

Speech Pathology Australia’s proposal to the Australian government to provide reimbursement could be helpful in providing affordable treatment for pre-schoolers who stutter. However, I believe that the negatives outweigh the positives.