I am alright

Stuttering does does not make me less of a p-person. My new friends Jordyn and Nate are just as c-c-cool as me.

As A Person Who Stutters, I Find Comfort In Talking To Other People Who Stutter

For most of my life, I've only talked about stuttering – if I actually brought it up in conversations – to people who spoke fluently.

Forgive Yourself

Living with a stutter has a way of complicating communication, which can be frustrating. Uncomfortable situations creep up and leave you upset about the outcome. But there is one thing you need to focus on: forgiving yourself.

The TEDx Experience

Giving a talk on a TED stage has been on my bucket list. It’s a goal I never thought I would have the ability to accomplish because I thought I wasn’t qualified to stand on that stage.

When Fluent Speech Meets Stutter

Fluent Speech: Hi, my name is fluent speech. I flow right out of people's mouths! I have no problems getting out what I need to say! As far as I know, everyone's voice comes out like me. Haven't met anyone different. I wonder what that would be like. Wait. I hear something unusual; never heard this type of talk before.

Virtual Learning Launch a Success!

Last week was the launch of Virtual Learning by Stuttering Foundation, a new collaborative online workshop series that will include a variety of topics ranging from: clinical training opportunities, to parent education, to panels of people who stutter of all ages sharing their stories.


Who can bring awareness of stuttering to their neighborhood? YOU. You can extend a friendly smile, start a nonjudgmental conversation and change someone's life. YOU are the answer.

Broken Speech

Br-broken speech makes communication communication difficult. Words do not flow from my mo-mouth perfectly perfectly. 

Learn How to Celebrate Small Victories

I had people in my life show me and celebrate with me the small victories of stuttering, but how quickly I forgot those lessons and those times.


Originality can attributed to people who stutter, as each of us are designed differently. We possess various strengths and talents that define us; giving us shape and character.