• Gummo Marx

    A comedy legend and Hollywood icon.


    New Google voice technology learns to recognize alternative speech patterns.

  • 10 Things You Can Do To Help Spread the Word

    National Stuttering Awareness Week is May 9-15.

  • All The Right Words: My Journey as a Sportswriter Who Stutters

    Ryan Cowley’s All The Right Words: My Journey as a Sportswriter Who Stutters showcases the message the Stuttering Foundation wants to diffuse to all people who stutter—your stuttering does not have to stand in the way of your dreams.

  • Q&A with David Wong

    David Wong is a dentist who specializes in periodontology and dental implant surgery. He sat down with the Stuttering Foundation to discuss his many life and career successes and a lifelong journey with stuttering.

  • Recent Studies Add Knowledge About Genetic Factors in Stuttering

    Two recent studies have once again focused attention on the role of genetic factors in stuttering. These studies used approaches not previously applied to stuttering, and identified new genetic variants correlated with this disorder.

  • John Mackay: The Irish-American Bonanza King

    John Mackay ranks as the richest Irishman ever in history, as the $1 billion he possessed at the time of his death in 1902 is the equivalent of $80 billion today.

  • New Book: Two Penguins and a Treasure to Be Discovered

    Two Penguins and a Treasure to Be Discovered is an adventure where penguins Jorge and Tito introduce the notions needed to stimulate fluency in young children.

  • Understanding Stuttering

    What causes stuttering? Presumably, anyone who stutters has reflected on the reasons why he or she is a person who stutters.

  • Evaluating Persistence: A Closer Look

    Excerpts from Stuttering: Foundations and Clinical Applications, Third Edition, by Dr. Ehud Yairi and Dr. Carol H. Seery.