• Fall Magazine

    Our magazine is now availabe online. Check out the latest news impacting the stuttering community, information about our new video, the latest research, and letters and drawings from kids.

  • 5 Famous People You Probably Didn't Know Stutter

    Stuttering is a speech disorder that affects an estimated one percent of the world’s population — that’s more that 80 million people worldwide.

  • Hot Off the Press

    Our new catalog offers resources for everyone: children, teens, adults, teachers, parents, speech-language pathologists, physicians.

  • Literary Master of the Supernatural

    Peter Straub was a famous novelist who wrote genres of horror and supernatural fiction.

  • Remembering Alfred Kaehler

    He accomplished so many things. He graduated from UC Berkeley. He worked on the Manhattan Project during World War II as a mechanical engineer and Junior Scientist. He worked on many other interesting projects at SRI in Menlo Park, Lockheed, and Raychem.

  • What You May Not Know About Philip Larkin

    Philip Larkin was one of the most prolific literary figures in Great Britain during the second half of the Twentieth Century. He was also a person who stuttered throughout his life.

  • Navigating the DMV: As Scary as Getting Stopped by the Police?

    Recently, we were contacted by a woman who stutters about her experience renewing her driver’s license at her state DMV.

  • Q&A with Jordan Northrup

    My greatest accomplishment regarding stuttering is to have conquered my fear of public speaking. I have given keynote addresses, been featured on podcasts, and invited to speak at numerous forums and conferences.

  • Paperboy Takes the Stage

    Vince Vawter's beloved book Paperboy is adapted for the stage, in the form of a musical, by the Manhattan School of Music.

  • Sidney Gottlieb: The Infamous Gentle-Hearted Torturer

    While Gottlieb’s controversial career cannot be examined in full, his lifelong stuttering is no doubt of interest to the stuttering community.