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“If you could take a magic pill to get rid of your stutter, would you take it?”  Some form of this question inevitably comes up when I talk to a group of people about stuttering.  Over the years my response has changed.

Erik Weir is a successful money manager. But this self-made success story struggled with stuttering, which, along with his faith in God, made him the man he is today.

My name is Achilleas Souras. I’m 16 years old and I live in Barcelona. Growing up, talking wasn’t always easy for me. Speaking on the phone was hard. There were times when I was mocked and other kids finished my sentences for me.

The University of Iowa and the Stuttering Foundation co-sponsored the inaugural University Instructors’ 5 Day Workshop.

The Stuttering Foundation is marking its platinum jubilee in 2017! This will be a year-long celebration that looks back on our 70 years of helping those who stutter.

Here is advice about stuttering from speech-language pathologists from around the world.

When parents have questions or concerns about the health and development of their children, the first place they often look for advice is from their doctor.

This quote is from Abraham Lincoln and applies to my dad’s last two years, “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on."

Catching up with student Wylesia in Cheriton, Virginia, is easy – she is making her voice heard – but you have to be quick because she moves fast!

The life impact from stuttering can affect confidence, spontaneity, job performance and social interactions.