• Creating a Meaningful Message

    Akiva Splaver wrote his first book as a high school student. His inspiring narrative was driven by his own experiences of isolation, trial, and ultimate victory over stuttering.

  • Famous Screenwriter Who Stuttered Wrote the Screenplay for A Star Is Born

    This weekend will mark the highly anticipated release of A Star Is Born, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

  • Rabinowitz Leaves a Legacy in the Animal and Stuttering Communities

    It is with a heavy heart and immense sadness that the Stuttering Foundation announces the death of our longtime board member, spokesman and friend, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz.

  • Remembering Alan Rabinowitz

    It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Stuttering Foundation Board Member Dr. Alan Rabinowitz.

  • It’s Time for This to Stop

    Stuttering is the only disability that people still laugh at — too often in the face of a person struggling to speak fluently.

  • Stuttering in a Fluency World

    When I was 18, speech therapist John Seamon, told me, “Don’t let stuttering control you. You control it.”

  • The Stutterer's Apprentice

    At just 17 years old, Akiva Splaver wrote his first book, which is already a No. 1 best seller on Amazon.

  • One World, Many Voices

    The inaugural Joint World Congress will be held July 13-16, 2018, in Hiroshima, Japan. Be sure to visit the Stuttering Foundation booth!

  • Workshop on Cluttering in Italy

    There will be a workshop on cluttering with Yvonne Van Zaalen on Sept. 28-30, 2018, in Turin, Italy.

  • Stuttering Can't Stop You

    It all started at the age of 6. My mother thought my speech pattern was due to me mimicking my cousin and brother, who had a stutter, too.