Good News for Employers: According to speech experts, people who stutter, tend to show significantly above average care and perseverance in completing their workplace responsibilities.

  • “People who stutter often have a temperament that’s perfectionist because many have to work tirelessly to gain fluency,” said Barry Guitar, Ph.D., Professor of Speech-language Pathology at the University of Vermont.

Surmounting the Interview Obstacle: People who stutter perform successfully in a range of jobs that require communication skills, from sales to medicine to public relations. This may not be evident during the initial interview, which is one of the most stressful speaking situations even for those who do not stutter. With a direct and honest approach, it’s possible to determine whether someone is fit for the job.

  • “Past research has shown that when you are open about stuttering to your employer, you are far more comfortable in the workplace,” emphasizes Jane Fraser, President of the Stuttering Foundation of America. “If you hide your stuttering, you not only put yourself under tremendous pressure but also limit your effectiveness on the job.”

Good News for Candidates: Initiative and technology to improve the hiring process are on the rise. For example, Jahanzaib Ansari, CEO of Knockri and a person who has personally battled the hardships that often accompany stuttering, uses an artificial intelligence program that conducts candidate evaluations and interviews to give employers unbiased scores for job fit potential (

  • Ansari stresses in the article: “We should be...talking about how we can accommodate this specifically in the candidate selection, where a lot of people feel that they get left out unfairly. The way that I speak has no correlation to how well I can perform at a particular job role.”

Being Prepared: Stuttering: Answers for Employers, a free brochure offered by the Stuttering Foundation, has reached millions of employers and people who stutter during the past two plus decades. It’s the perfect tool to take to a job interview: It dispels the many myths surrounding stuttering, gives concrete facts about the disorder, and contains tips on how to handle stuttering in the workplace.

You can download Stuttering: Answers for Employers at You can also call us toll-free at (800) 992-9392 or e-mail for a copy.

Published Jan. 3, 2022