• International Stuttering Awareness Day

    October 22 was designated International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) in 1998, sixteen years ago. This day is intended to raise public awareness of stuttering, which affects one percent of the world's p

  • Preschool Data

    Over the last several years, the Stuttering Foundation has kept accurate data on the calls it has received from concerned parents of 15,374 preschool children who are reported to be stuttering. 
  • Stuttering Helped Start a Revolution

    Camille Desmoulins, a French journalist and politician who stuttered, helped to incite and inflame the angry crowds who attacked and tore down the Bastille on July 14, 1789. Historians consider the fall of Bastille the flashpoint of the French Revolution.

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  • Actors Who Stutter Provide Inspiration

    While many articles in Celebrity Corner have featured famous actors and other entertainers who have struggled with stuttering, there are many such actors who for whatever reason are not on the radar screen anymore. Such actors may not be known to the general public, but their personal stories of overcoming stuttering are just as inspiring.
  • Overcoming Obstacles

    I’d like to introduce myself to all the readers. My name is Milton Castro Saenz, I’m from Costa Rica and I’m 25 years old. I work for a U.S. company in my country and I’m currently studying Business Administration to get a degree next year in one of the best universities in Costa Rica. I’m proud of myself about what I’ve achieved so far; it has not been easy. 

  • Nursery Rhymes Can Play a Role

    In 2008, an interesting article on music and language learning was published in Cognition by Schön, Boyet, Moreno, Besson, Peretz and Kolinksky, in which they argued that “consistent mapping of linguistic and musical information would enhance facilitation of learning, with a longer-lasting effect in memory” (Cognition, 2008, vol. 106, pp.975-983). This reminds us of what teachers previously did in the classroom when they had the pupils learn songs. What did they know without having the neuroscientific proof of the benefit of music on language learning? They simply had experienced the positive result of music on language and learning in general. 

  • Ken Venturi: A Champion to Those Who Stutter

    Jane Fraser, president of the Stuttering Foundation issued the following remarks concerning the passing Ken Venturi, the first spokesman for the Foundation: “The stuttering community lost a real champion in Ken Venturi.

  • 20th Anniversary Celebration at Speaker's House

    By Elaine Kelman
    Michael Palin Centre
    March 2nd marked the 20th birthday of the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children.
    During this time, the centre based in London, has helped thousands of children who stutter and trained hundreds of speech therapists. 
  • Workshops Help Therapists Improve Skills

    Each year the Stuttering Foundation holds professional workshops for speech-language pathologists. Here is some feedback from the Eastern 2012 Class:
  • Meet Board Member Bob Kurtz

    It was twelve years ago that the Stuttering Foundation Board of Directors and Bob Kurtz came together to promote the Stuttering Foundation in all its work and research around the world. As a stutterer himself, Bob realized the importance of reaching so many thousands upon thousands who shared the same problem he encountered and sought to overcome as well as understand the causes worldwide that induce a person to stutter.