With nearly one hundred million visitors each year and inquiries from more than 137 countries around the world, the Stuttering Foundation’s website has become the leading global resource for people who stutter, therapists, teachers, and parents.
“It was time to bring our website into the 21st century,” said Jane Fraser, president of the Stuttering Foundation. “Distribution of information has always been one factor that differentiates us from others, ever since our inception in 1947.”
“Scrolling down from the top, our branding is bright and bold. You know you’re on our website, and you know what it’s about as soon as you get here.”
The most popular areas of interest are listed on the navigation bar at the top: find important resources quickly; request free information; look for help in different languages. We’ve also included a quick link to our new Spanish site for those who prefer their information in Spanish.
Connect via social media. We’ve made a point to have all of our social channels easily accessible. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest and we keep each of these channels up to date with the most current and relevant information.
Our streaming video library has 54 films for use on an unlimited basis. In addition, we have online continuing education courses that are ASHA-approved for Speech Language Pathologists who need to keep their accreditation current. There is also an all new section, Virtual Learning with Stuttering Foundation. Here, you can find an online series of interactive workshops for clinical training and parent education, as well as a place where people who stutter – of all ages – share their stories.
“Whether you’re a parent looking for information about your child, a teenager or adult looking for info for yourself, or a teacher or doctor seeking the latest techniques, we have great sections  just for you,” added Fraser.
One of the most visited sections on our website has always been the famous people who stutter—we’ve made it easier to find.
Finally, a search bar can be found at the very bottom of the homepage, which is the easiest way to find information on a certain topic like stuttering and ADHD, National Stuttering Awareness Week, or cluttering.
Creating our new site was an exciting venture.
Please tell us what you think by emailing info@StutteringHelp.org
From the Summer 2019 Magazine