To continue our celebration of The Stuttering Foundation’s 75th Anniversary, we offer our comprehensive list of 75 critical resources for people who stutter, parents of children who stutter, and SLPs.

  1. Self-Therapy for the Stutterer e-book
  2. 75th Anniversary Magazine issue
  3. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Stuttering brochure
  4. Advice to Those Who Stutter e-book
  5. Virtual Learnings webpage
  6. Stuttering and Cluttering brochure
  7. Spring 2022 Magazine Cover Story Project Euphonia: Smart Technology Gets Smarter article
  8. Sometimes I Just Stutter e-book
  9. Risk Factor Chart webpage
  10. Podcast webpage
  11. The Girl Who Stutters e-book
  12. The Child Who Stutters: To the Pediatrician booklet
  13. I Stutter ID Card webpage
  14. Help! My Child is Stuttering video
  15. Stuttering Foundation blog page
  16. Streaming Video Library webpage
  17. Facebook page
  18. A Brief History of the Stuttering Foundation webpage
  19. Drawings and Letters from Kids webpage
  20. Workshops webpage
  21. Instagram page
  22. Finding Help for Stuttering
  23. Back to Basics: ABCs of Stuttering webpage
  24. Summer 2023 Magazine Cover Story Paperboy Takes the Stage article
  25. Stuttering and Insurance Coverage webpage
  26. Parents Benefit from Support Too blog post
  27. The School-Age Child Who Stutters: Working Effectively with Attitudes and Emotions … a workbook
  28. Stuttering FAQ webpage
  29. Pinterest page
  30. What Parents and Their Children Who Stutter Wish More People Knew NBC's TODAY Show article
  31. Autism Spectrum Disorders brochure
  32. Stuttering and Your Child: Help for Parents video
  33. Special Education Law & Children Who Stutter brochure
  34. Toll free phone number for information and resources -- (800) 992-9392
  35. If You Think Your Child Is Stuttering… brochure
  36. List of Famous People Who Stutter webpage
  37. Stuttering and the Bilingual Child brochure
  38. If You Stutter: Advice for Adults video
  39. To The Kids Who Picked on Me Because I Stutter blog post
  40. Online CEUs webpage
  41. Bullying and SLPs brochure
  42. LinkedIn page
  43. Answers for Employers brochure
  44. Translations of materials into 26 languages webpage
  45. Fact-checking the New York Times About Stuttering blog post
  46. For Your Brothers and Sisters webpage
  47. Stuttering: Straight Talk for Teens video
  48. Basic Research on Stuttering webpage
  49. Myths About Stuttering brochure
  50. Notes to the Teacher: The Child Who Stutters at School brochure
  51. Kids Who Stutter: Parents Speak video
  52. Library Program webpage
  53. A Home Run for Stuttering article
  54. Books on Stuttering webpage
  55. Stuttering and The King's Speech webpage
  56. 7 Tips for Talking with the Child Who Stutters brochure
  57. The Latest Research on Stuttering video
  58. If Your Child Stutters: A Guide for Parents e-book
  59. Famous People Who Stutter poster
  60. Two Penguins and a Treasure to be Discovered book
  61. 8 Tips for Teachers brochure
  62. Spanish Language website -
  63. Stuttering is OK Because What I Say is Worth Repeating T-shirt
  64. Stuttering: Straight Talk for Teachers video
  65. Why Speech Therapy brochure
  66. To the Young Person Who Stutters blog post
  67. 6 Tips for Speaking with Someone Who Stutters brochure
  68. Basic Goals for a Person Who Stutters webpage
  69. Summer Reading List webpage
  70. A Concise Guide to Childhood Stuttering book
  71. Classroom Presentation webpage
  72. Dr. Sheehan’s Stuttering Iceberg Analogy article
  73. Tips on Picking a Speech-Language Pathologist: What to Look Out For webpage
  74. 8 Things Golf Teaches Us About Stuttering blog post
  75. Trouble at Recess e-book