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The beginning of the school year can be especially hard for students who stutter as they worry about talking and what others will think, say, or do. With the help of teachers, they can gain confidence in their talking and learning.

In The ABCs of Stuttering, students courageously share what it’s like to stutter, how it makes them feel, and how it affects their participation at school. They provide clear ideas for teachers to use in the classroom.

The video includes lots of examples from the students’ own experiences to help viewers understand the ups and downs of stuttering, differences in what might be most helpful for each student, how to support class participation and presentations and educate others including classmates, faculty, staff, and parents about stuttering.

A teacher who recently viewed The ABCs of Stuttering commented, “The students’ honest sharing and practical suggestions give me confidence that I can help each student succeed.”

A school speech-language pathologist shared, “I can’t wait to show this to the students I work with to find out how they would answer the questions in the video."

How would you answer questions like:

How do you feel about stuttering?

How does stuttering affect class participation?

How can teachers help?

What should teachers do when they notice a student stuttering?

How should teasing be handled?

How can teachers encourage students who stutter?

The ABCs of Stuttering can be found at Let us know what you learned and how The ABCs of Stuttering has been helpful to you.