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    Lead singer for the rock band Hello Kelly, Francois “Francy” Goudreault, Jr., was also honored by the Stuttering Foundation. In Hello Kelly’s song Communication Breakdown, Francy and his bandmates have set to music the struggles 65 million people around the world live each day. Francy’s message and achievement amplify hope for a new generation of people who stutter. Hello Kelly is a feisty alt-rock band from Orangeville, ON.

  • Experts Gather at Oxford

    Sept. 2011 — St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, was the perfect setting for numerous outstanding presentations by experts in the field.

    The Stuttering Foundation provided continuing education credits for the conference, which was sponsored by the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children, endorsed by De Montfort University, Leicester, and organized by Elsevier.

  • Letter to Myself

    October 14,2009
  • Western Workshop Goes International

    A Limerick About the Western Workshop
    By Ann Douvier

    Out west went twenty SLPs
    To learn to treat dysfluencies.
    Drawn from four nations
    By the Stuttering Foundation
    To make more effective, our therapies.

    We’ve all worked with children who stutter
    Who’ve been told, “Slow down and don’t mutter!”
    By listening, reflecting,
    Exploring, detecting
    We’ll help them succeed with the speech they utter.

  • Eastern Workshop Gets Top Marks

    By Diane Parris

  • James Earl Jones Honored

    Jane Fraser, president of the Stuttering Foundation, represented the stuttering community May 9 at the prestigious Monte Cristo Awards dinner honoring legendary actor James Earl Jones.

  • Unexpected Gifts in Haiti

    My name is Glenn Weybright. I am a speech-language pathologist in Portland, Oregon, and a person who stutters. In late April, 2011, I spent 8 days with a medical team helping treat Haitian children and adults in a primary care medical clinic in the village of Gramothe, Haiti, about 15 miles south of Port Au Prince.

  • 2011 Journalism Award Winners

    The Stuttering Foundation announces its 2011 Awards for Excellence in Journalism.

    “Thanks to The King’s Speech, the sheer volume of articles and interviews on stuttering made this year’s choice very difficult,” said Jane Fraser, president of the Foundation. “This film has raised awareness of stuttering beyond any level we could ever have imagined and, in turn, was the force behind all other entries.”

  • Stuttering Foundation and Michael Palin Centre Laud The King's Speech During New York City Gala

    The following remarks were given by Jane Fraser at the Stuttering Foundation’s first-ever New York City Gala.

    This incredible movie and its superb portrayal of King George VI by Colin Firth have truly turned our world upside down.

    So tonight, we honor this exceptional film that has brought so much help to so many.

  • Stuttering and the Big Cats is an Inspirational Story

    Editor’s Note: The new DVD Stuttering and the Big Cats featuring Alan Rabinowitz was unveiled during the New York gala.