Listed below are the names of speech pathologists in your country who might be able to help you in treating stuttering. The Stuttering Foundation of America provides these names only to help in locating a speech pathologist who might be able to assist you in treating stuttering. The Stuttering Foundation of America does not warrant the competency of these speech pathologists nor guarantee their treatment.

This list is likely to include only a small number of the speech pathologists in your area and therefore might not include the names of all speech pathologists who might be able to assist you. No negative implication should be drawn about a particular speech pathologist's qualifications or competency if he or she is not included on this list.

If the individuals located below cannot assist you or are not located near you, the Stuttering Foundation of America encourages you to request a referral from them.

Ms. Hala Abdallah Kamhawi, M.S.
Calle Luz Arriero 4, 2A
Sevilla 41010
Ms. Carme Junca Campdepadros
C/Jacint Verdaguer, 41, 4art 3
Sant Joan Despi
Barcelona 08970
934 77-25-72
Ms. Blanca Gonzalez
c/ La Union n 10 1
Santander, Cantabria 39004
(942) 222880
Ms. Marina Llobera O'Brien
Margarita Caimari no 18
Palma de Mallorca 07003
971 71 87 30
971 75 02 97
Mr. Manuel Serrano Funes
Gran Via Ramon y Cajal, 61-2
Valencia 46007
+34 963208040
+34 670363460 cell