Sometimes I Just Stutter

This 40 page book is a wonderful way for kids to discover more about stuttering in an open and encouraging way. It lets them know that the harder they try not to stutter, the more they may do so. Letters to brothers and sisters, grandparents, teachers, and others let children take the lead in educating the people in their environment.

School-Age Child Who Stutters: Working Effectively With Attitudes and Emotions

This valuable workbook, written by experienced speech-language pathologist Kristin Chmela, M.A., in collaboration with Nina Reardon, M.S., and edited by Lisa Scott, Ph.D., offers you a powerful tool for stuttering diagnostics and therapy, focusing exclusively on assessing and treating feelings and beliefs in school-age children.

Why Speech Therapy?

Many teens and adults who stutter have been to speech therapy for their stuttering at least once in their lives. Some people have been through years of therapy. Just because you may have had treatment for your stuttering in the past does not mean you shouldn't consider it again. It is common for stuttering to change over time or for emotions and attitudes about your speech to change as you have new experiences.