A Limerick About the Western Workshop
By Ann Douvier

Out west went twenty SLPs
To learn to treat dysfluencies.
Drawn from four nations
By the Stuttering Foundation
To make more effective, our therapies.

We’ve all worked with children who stutter
Who’ve been told, “Slow down and don’t mutter!”
By listening, reflecting,
Exploring, detecting
We’ll help them succeed with the speech they utter.

Dr. Watson brought facts, not conjectures
Ms. Hamilton deep-dialogue, fun lectures
Evidence relayed
Solutions role-played
The two were responsive, engaging presenters.

Jane Fraser flew out from Tennessee
With books, DVDs, an inspired history.
Ellen Reuler, on site
Met our needs, day and night
Making meaningful each activity.

Thanks PSU and Stuttering Foundation
For the gift of workshop participation.
Insightful, retooled,
And passions refueled,
We’re back to work with inspired dedication!

-From the Fall 2011 Newsletter