Effective Counseling in Stuttering Therapy — This book will help your students have a better understanding of the counseling aspect of therapy and suggests ways to use it effectively. Each chapter can stand alone as a resource for the specific population to which it refers. Includes chapters by Patricia Zebrowski, Ph.D., University of Iowa; Barry Guitar, Ph.D., University of Vermont; Peter Ramig, Ph.D., University of Colorado-Boulder; and Diane Hill, M.A., Northwestern University. Classic chapters by Drs. Eugene Cooper, Hugo H. Gregory, Joseph Sheehan, Charles Van Riper and Dean Williams are included with introductory comments on their influential contributions to the field of stuttering. Book No. 0018, 108 pages.
The Genius of Dean Williams — This book, a compilation of classic articles by the renowned authority on stuttering, never goes out of style! It covers the full range of topics on which Williams wrote. This book represents a unique philosophy and approach to stuttering therapy and to clients from a giant in the field. Includes a DVD with classic footage of Dean working with a child who stutters. Book No. 0425, 102 pages.
Chapters include:
• Talking with Children Who Stutter
• Coping with Attitudes and Beliefs About Stuttering
• Emotional and Environmental Problems in Stuttering
• Working with Children in the School Environment
• Evaluation
• A Clinical Success and A Clinical Failure
• Coping with Parents
• What Do I Tell People About My Child's Stuttering?
• Some Suggestions for Those Who Want to Talk Easily
Conversations with David Luterman, D.Ed. — In this insightful, two-part program, sit in the room with master clinician, David Luterman, as he counsels parents of children who stutter. Then, eavesdrop on his discussion of the session with practicing clinicians. This video is divided into two parts: Group Therapy with Parents (1 hour) and Therapists' Review of Parent Session (1 hour). Your students can witness this interaction which is seldom seen in action.
Sharpening Counseling Skills — This exciting 3-hour video features renowned audiologist and expert counselor David M. Luterman, D.Ed. Luterman's philosophy of counseling centers around deep listening and silent witnessing of our clients' stories and concerns as we refrain from providing immediate advice, information, or solutions. We believe this video is an important tool for all future speech-language pathologists and audiologists.
Titles or Testimonies? A Mindset for Counseling Persons Who Stutter — One of the ways that speech-language pathologists often get things wrong is they think they have to be the “expert” and “fix” what is “broken” in their clients. This often leads to breakdowns in the therapeutic relationship and poor outcomes. Anthony DiLollo, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Texas Christian University, will explore some fundamental ways that therapists can engage with clients.
We can put together a university package for your school that will offer a discount for your students. For more information, please email us at info@stutteringhelp.org.
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