Blog by Jane Fraser
May 5, 2020

For some people, the quarantine associated with the pandemic may be very difficult to handle: emotionally, physically, and financially. Spending days, weeks, perhaps months trapped “inside” takes its toll.

The telephone may be the only way you can reach the outside world. But, the telephone is almost always the thing that people who stutter dread the most.

If you block on a word, the person at the other end of the line may just hang up on you or ask you what’s wrong? During a ‘shelter in place,’  using the phone may be the only way you can communicate with your friends, with colleagues at work, or with clerks to order groceries.

Even those who have decided to “stutter openly” without concerns about the opinions of others can face the hardships when talking on the phone, ordering at a restaurant, applying for a job, or asking for a date.

Imagine if this temporary quarantine was ours to carry with us each day, every day — appearing whenever we were tired, stressed or confronted. For many who stutter, this is just another day in their life.

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