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Updated 2012. In this powerful 18-minute DVD, students who stutter talk to teachers about their experiences and experts in the field of speech pathology answer questions about what works and what doesn't in the classroom.

A perfect length for an after-school inservice or short enough for a teacher to watch alone. The DVD and accompanying 32-page book answer common questions:

  • how to respond to the child who stutters in the classroom,
  • what happens in speech therapy,
  • how to handle teasing,
  • how to deal with oral presentations.

The free 32-page book includes a resource section for teachers, SLPs, parents, and children materials. The section for SLPs provides information on how to lead an inservice or work individually with classroom teachers.

Produced by Lisa Scott, Ph.D., The Florida State University and Carroll Guitar, M.L.S., University of Vermont; in collaboration with Kristin Chmela, M.A., Northwestern University; Jane Fraser, president, The Stuttering Foundation; and Bill Murphy, M.A., Purdue University.

Additional footage provided by Barry Guitar, Ph.D., University of Vermont; Diane Hill, M.A., Northwestern University; Peter Ramig, Ph.D., University of Colorado-Boulder; and Patricia Zebrowski, Ph.D., University of Iowa.