If you stutter, who can help you?

It may seem like you are the only person in the world who stutters. That is not true. And, there are lots of people who can help you with your problem. Your mom and dad can. You can also go to a speech teacher. Many speech teachers know a lot about stuttering. They will teach you how to make talking easier. Speech teachers will also listen to what you think and how you feel about your stuttering. They can really understand your problem.

They can also help your mom and dad understand stuttering. If you have a hard time at school, they can tell the teachers how to make things easier for you. Some speech teachers even take special classes just to learn how to help stuttering! If your stuttering feels like a big problem, you can ask your parents or your teacher about going to speech.


Adapted excerpt from the book Sometimes I Just Stutter by Eelco de Geus.

(c)Copyright 1999 by Stuttering Foundation of America