Western Workshop Moves To Forest Grove

Once again, Susan Hamilton, Jennifer Watson, and Ellen Reuler conclude that this year’s workshop was a success! The three joined forces for this five-day event, Diagnosis and Treatment of Children and Adolescents Who Stutter. This year the event moved from Portland to Forest Grove, Oregon and was co-sponsored by Pacific University and the Stuttering Foundation.
This year 15 attendees from nine states and four countries participated in this five-day event, which took place June 9-13 at Pacific University.
The goals for this year’s workshop were to help the attendees increase their competence and confidence when treating adolescents and children who stutter.  The Presenters agreed that this year’s participants were willing to step out of their comfort zones during discussions, role-plays and interactions during client Skype calls. “It takes courage to be vulnerable in front of your peers, but the outcome is increased learning,” stated Hamilton.
Comments from workshoppers...
“ I have grown so much in my understanding of and confidence in treating stuttering.”
“This was such a wonderful learning opportunity and I am going to be more confident and flexible in my therapy.”
“I am now willing to take on work that I previously wouldn’t have, and I consider myself knowledgeable on a topic that I previously didn’t.”
From the Fall 2015 Newsletter
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