Ty Cobb needs no introduction as he is considered by many to have been the best pro baseball player of all time. The Georgia native spent 22 seasons with the Detroit Tigers, ending his career with the Philadelphia Athletics. He set 90 MLB records, and still holds several of them. He has the highest career batting average at .366 and holds the most career batting titles.

Ty Cobb’s name appears on some lists of famous people who stutter, but unlike others, there is very little written about Cobb's life as a person who stuttered. The only source seems to be the scant mention in the 1994 life narrative book by Al Stump, Cobb: A Biography: "...Cobb was a relatively carefree child. He always was, he said, notably “timid around adults,” to the point where some people thought they detected a slight stammer in his speech, and he could be cocky with his peers in a way that led to frequent combat, yet on the whole Ty seem to have been well adjusted and popular, perhaps because he was, even then, so darn entertaining."

Born in 1886, Ty Cobb passed away in his birth state of Georgia on July 17, 1961, at the age 74.

From the Winter 2021 Magazine