MEMPHIS, Tenn. (April 24, 2013) — In honor of National Stuttering Awareness Week, May 6-12, 2013, the Stuttering Foundation (, offers the following list of the top five sources of trusted and accurate information about stuttering:

1. Your computer – The Internet can be a wonderful source of information for the stuttering community. Our website is a perfect place to start your research: We have sections for self-help, kids, teens, adults, parents, physicians, speech-language pathologists and employers.

2. Your local library – Most local Libraries carry a number of books, videos and other publications devoted to stuttering and its treatment. Stuttering Foundation books may be found in more than 8,500 libraries across the country.

3. Your child's school – A child who stutters may be eligible to receive speech therapy for free from the local school district. A federal law mandates that state education agencies and local school districts provide special education services to children ages 3-21. Our brochure Special Education Law & Children Who Stutter gives the details.

4. Your pediatrician – The physician is often the first professional to whom a parent turns for help. If your doctor urges you to wait before seeing a therapist, share a copy of our free e-book titled The Child Who Stutters: To the Pediatrician. Early intervention for stuttering, which may range from parent counseling and indirect treatment to therapy, can be a major factor in preventing a life-long problem.

5. Your local newspaper – Many local newspapers list parent and therapy support groups and workshop meetings in their calendars and events sections. Check your listings regularly.


Foundation Spokesperson Jane Fraser

Jane Fraser is president of The Stuttering Foundation and co-author of If Your Child Stutters: A Guide for Parents, 8th edition. She is also vice president of Action for Stammering Children, Michael Palin Centre, London. Ms. Fraser is available for interviews by contacting Greg Wilson , 571-239-7474 or email: gregwilsonpr@gmail.comDownload a picture of Jane Fraser .

About the Foundation

Malcolm Fraser , a successful businessman and stutterer, went on to establish and endow the nonprofit Stuttering Foundation in 1947. The Stuttering Foundation provides a toll-free helpline, 800-992-9392, and free online resources on its Website,, including services, referrals and support to people who stutter and their families, as well as support for research into the causes of stuttering. Please visit us at




Stuttering & Social Media 
With the rise in popularity of social media across generations of computer and Smartphone users around the world, the Stuttering Foundation delivers information, materials and support through a variety of social media platforms to reach the widest possible audience with trusted and accurate information about stuttering.

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