• Terror accompanied by waves of nausea occurred when John Gleeson was called to present his five minute speech in Basic English, 7th Grade at Jefferson Junior High School, Long Beach California. You see I am a stutterer. It was in the time of the Great Depression (nothing great about it), my family was dysfunctional, we were on welfare often, and life was very difficult.

  • Nick Weaver is a proud army brat born in Germany and raised primarily in the Mississippi Delta. He’s the COO of a custom made jean company called Blue Delta Jeans, an entrepreneur, an app developer, and a baseball fan. Nick Weaver is also one of 70 million people worldwide who stutter.

  • Our colleague, Glyndon Riley, passed away on September 2, 2014. He, and wife Jeanna — may she continue to be with us for many years to come — jointly demonstrated a life-long devotion to advancing our knowledge of stuttering, improving the communication and quality of life of children and adults who stutter, and made outstanding contributions to the enhancement of our discipline.

  • Being a high school senior, I’ve faced plenty of back-to-school days, which can be filled with energy and joy of seeing old friends and taking new classes, but also with anxiety of returning to a place filled with need to talk to speak a lot.

  • I don’t know about you, but I love a good TED talk. There are some brilliant minds around the world and it is inspiring to listen to people talk about something they are so passionate about.

  • The breakout star of World Cup 2014 hands down has been Colombia’s sensation James Rodriguez. Only 22 years old and in his first World Cup, some pro soccer commentators see him as the next superstar.

  • Congressman Frank Wolf gave a speech on the House floor about the challenges he and other people who stutter face.

  • The School-Age Child Who Stutters: Working Effectively with Attitudes and Emotions has been translated into Polish thanks to the tireless efforts of Katarzyna Wesierska. 
  • Back in May, I facilitated a weeklong intensive course for 13-17 year olds who stutter. Four boys from various parts of New Zealand signed up for a course I based on what I observed at the Michael Palin Centre last summer.

  • Addressing students about their stuttering is one of the hardest tasks for me to do. Maybe it is because I am new to the field. I do not have the perfect words to say or a script to memorize. I’ve learned that you have to approach every student differently. That goes for any child – even those who do not stutter. Nobody is the same. I love that!


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