• This letter appeared in the New York Times on Dec. 21, 2014: As the president of the Stuttering Foundation, I was amazed at the omission, in the Nov. 23 review of James Booth’s “Philip Larkin: Life, Art and Love,” of Larkin’s lifelong struggle with stuttering.

  • For people who stutter, stuttering can be like a tennis match. Tennis can be gruelling, mentally draining as well as rewarding (when you play well!).

  • To celebrate National Stuttering Awareness Week, the Stuttering Foundation honored four authors whose recent books are widely acclaimed by both critics and readers alike. 

  • The Missouri Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA) supported the Stuttering Foundation this year with their MSHA Cares campaign, which raised $864.88.

  • One hundred ninety-two delegates from 32 countries met in Oxford, UK, marking 30 years since the first Oxford Dysfluency Conference (ODC) in 1984.  Several age-defying attendees of this year’s conference also were present at the inaugural conference.
  • The breakout star of 2014 FIFA World Cup hands down was Colombia’s sensation James Rodriguez. USA Today published a major article titled “7 Reasons James Rodriguez is the breakout star of the World Cup." What was not widely covered in the international media is that James Rodriguez is a person who stutters. 
  • For the third year, Matthew Sander supported the Stuttering Foundation by raising more than $2,600 in pledges during this year’s Hundred Hole Hike, a national golf marathon held each June at Ballyneal Golf Club in Holyoke, Colo. Matt golfed and hiked for more than 14 hours in support of the stuttering community, setting a new personal record of 126 holes. 

  • Within the stuttering community, the ability of persons who stutter to sing fluently is quite well documented. Famous singers Ed Sheeran, Mel Tillis, Carly Simon, Bill Withers, B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Scatman John, Jason Gray, Kendrick Lamar and Ann Wilson all struggled with fluency despite having award-winning singing voices. 

  • My stuttering is often in total remission for long periods of time. Then  without warning, the tendency to stutter returns, to stay for a while. During times of speech blocks, to keep myself “fluid,” to ease speech, I relied on poems and other lyrics to keep me speaking—not with contemporary free-verse poetry but with “old fashioned” verse of rhyme and rhythm.

  • I graduated from Big Sky High School in Missoula, Montana, last June. Each year the graduating class is required to do a Senior Project with an activity component and a written research paper that relates to the activity field work. 


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