• For children who stutter, summer break can be anything but a vacation. Some children may actually stutter more during the summer because their structure and routine have been taken away. Here is a list of summer camps and clinics.

  • In 2013, reality TV shared with us several talented artists who are also persons who stutter. American Idol’s Lazaro Arbos was a huge favorite among our Facebook friends while Harrison Craig of The Voice – Australia came in first place. Today’s Q&A Spotlight is on Shane Garcia, a contestant from Florida on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance.

  • If your child is stuttering, treat him as you would any other child: with kindness and respect. Above all, convey total acceptance. Working on communication and fluency skills is a challenge that affects all areas of a child's day; therefore, the child needs as much support, encouragement and acceptance as possible.

  • Frank Wolf remembers the moment he wanted to be a Congressman. It was in the third grade in Philadelphia, when schoolmates laughed at the young man who stuttered for dreaming about going to Washington. 

  • Often under-acknowledged and under-used, partners and spouses of people who stutter play an important role in the “recovery process” of adults who stutter. Recently, I experienced this when my adult client, Joe brought his fiancée to a therapy session with him. It was courageous moment for Joe, to be able to show a different side of him to the person he was going to get married and openness to vulnerability that many would shy away from.

  • This week, the nationally-syndicated advice column “Miss Manners”advised readers on speaking with a person who stutters. Judith Martin, the legendary “Miss Manners” advice columnist since 1978, responded to an inquiry about the proper protocol when speaking with a person who stutters.

  • Kirk and John Tarver and their Memphis-based Shelby Railroad Services Inc. raised more than $10,000 for the Stuttering Foundation.

  • Sometimes I Just Stutter is now available to the 120 million people who speak Swahili thanks to Dieudonne Nsabimana of Kigali, Rwanda. Find out how you can help him spread the word about stuttering. Plus, read more news from around the world...

  • For decades the Stuttering Foundation has been fortunate to enjoy a warm relationship with publications across the United States and beyond who have faithfully donated advertising space at no charge to this nonprofit organization.

  • We have to do things because we are afraid. We have to see a situation, recognize our fear, and do it because it scares us. We have to see fear as an opportunity for growth. We have to seek out challenges. Facing our fear with a sense of purpose makes us stronger because it puts us in control of the fear.



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