MEMPHIS, Tenn. (May 1, 2004) — John Stossel, James Earl Jones, Carly Simon, Mel Tillis, Alan Rabinowitz,  Robert Merrill, Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, Ken Venturi, Bob Love, John Updike, King George VI, Frank Wolf, Lewis Carroll, Bill Walton, Annie Glenn… all famous and successful. And all stuttered.

They share something else: they didn’t let their stuttering stop them. And if you’re one of over three million Americans who stutter, don’t let it stop you.

National Stuttering Awareness Week
In May 1988, the U.S. Congress passed a Joint Resolution designating the second week of May as National Stuttering Awareness Week.

National Stuttering Awareness Week is a special nationwide commitment...

  • to educate people about this complex disorder
  • to work toward the prevention of stuttering in children
  • to let people know that help is available
  • to promote research to find the causes of stuttering

The Stuttering Foundation has been working towards these goals–since 1947! Visit us at www.stutteringhelp.orgor call toll-free 1-800-992-9392.