In May, the University of Iowa and the Stuttering Foundation co-sponsored the inaugural University Instructors’ 5 Day Workshop.

Fewer and fewer doctoral degrees are being granted with fluency disorders as the primary emphasis area. Because of this the Stuttering Foundation saw a need to provide support to course instructors who do not have clinical or academic/research expertise in stuttering.

Co-instructors Tricia Zebrowski of the University of Iowa, Vivian Sisskin of the University of Maryland, and Lisa Scott of The Florida State University led the workshop.

“Increasing university instructors’ skills and confidence in providing instruction in stuttering for speech-language pathology students was our most important goal,” said Lisa Scott, Ph.D. “We are focused on developing course content, choosing relevant readings and multimedia materials, strategies for creative instruction, and measuring student outcomes through practical assignments and exams were all emphasized.”

One participant commented, “I think we did something incredibly unique and important.”

Vivian Sisskin said, “The instructors we worked with will not only provide good information but will also imprint their enthusiasm and passion along the way. Nothing better than that.”

Feedback from workshop participants included comments such as:

• “This has been one of the best workshops I have attended. Many of the concepts/principles I’ve learned here will influence how I teach others.”

• “I will be able to expand upon my planned topics and refresh activities. It has done wonders for my confidence and jazzing up my course.”

• “This has been one of the most productive and helpful workshops I’ve ever been to!! I’m looking forward to implementing some key changes to my class in terms of content and assessment methods. I feel like this class has given me the needed tools.”

Participants left Iowa Ciy making plans to keep in touch and support one another as they impliment ideas into their own courses.

From more than 60 applicants, 19 faculty were selected to attend, representing U. S. and international programs:
• University of Arizona
• University of Montana
• University of New Hampshire
• University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
• University of Tulsa (Oklahoma)
• University of Vermont
• University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
• Edinboro University (Pennsylvania)
• Fort Hays State University (Kansas)
• Georgia State University
• Oklahoma Health Sciences University
• Pacific University (Oregon)
• Sacred Heart University (Connecticut)
• St. Cloud State University (Minnesota)
• University of Malta
• University of Ottawa (Canada)
• Universidad San Martin de Porres (Peru)
• University of Zagreb (Croatia)
• Moscow State Education University (Russia)