Eastern Workshop Goes International

Since 1985, the Stuttering Foundation has conducted intensive summer workshops in order to increase the pool of speech-language pathologists trained in the latest techniques for the treatment of stuttering. This summer was no exception.  
The five-day Eastern Workshop, Using Cognitive Approaches with People Who Stutter, was held in Boston from June 24-28. Co-sponsored by the Stuttering Foundation and Boston University, the workshop was attended by clinicians from 11 states, and an amazing eight foreign countries, including Argentina, Canada, Cyprus, Finland, Estonia, Portugal, Korea and Thailand.
“Those who are selected to participate already have professional experience and are highly motivated,” added Diane Parris, M.S., of Boston University, coordinator of the workshop. 
Expertly led by master clinicians Elaine Kelman and Alison Nicholas of the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children, the participants focused on cognitive approaches to working with children who stutter and their families.
Case study demonstrations and interactive exercises enlivened the learning process. Throughout the program participants were asked to share what they would take away from the day’s learning.
Comments from workshoppers...
“It was such a rich and rewarding learning experience, and I know my clients will be better served as a result of my participation. It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am.”

“The workshop was certainly the best educational experience I have ever had! I look forward to helping those who stutter and their families with all of the knowledge that I was able to take with me from the workshop!” 

From the Fall 2013 Newsletter