Blog by Rachel Dancy
May 28,2019

Fluent Speech: Hi, my name is fluent speech. I flow right out of people's mouths! I have no problems getting out what I need to say! As far as I know, everyone's voice comes out like me. Haven't met anyone different. I wonder what that would be like. Wait. I hear something unusual; never heard this type of talk before. What is your name?

Stutter: M-M-My name is, uh, st- st -st---

Fluent Speech: Your name is what?? Did you forget your name? Why do you talk like that? Is something wrong?

Stutter:  Why w-would I forget my n-name? Stupid…

Fluent Speech: Well, you just sort of trailed off and started saying st a bunch of times. Please tell me that st isn't your name.

Stutter: No, nothing is wr-wrong.  My n-name is Stutter. This is j-j-just how I sound coming out of mouths with p-p-pauses and repet---

Fluent Speech: Repetitions? Is that the word that came out of your mouth? Why don't you just say it? Repetitions...

Stutter: Yes, but-but…

Fluent Speech: But what????!!!

Stutter: Stop fin-fin-finishing sentences. It drives me me nuts.

Fluent Speech: Well, what am I supposed to do? You keep saying the same word over and over. Just spit it out!

Stutter: Th-this is how I talk. All th-th-the time. I can't just spit spit it out. Just listen. It comes out eventually. Just takes a little lon-longer than normal. Rep-rep-repetitions is a hard hard word to say.

Fluent Speech: Wow. That has to be difficult, for the talker and the listener. Just waiting for you to complete your thought out loud.   

Stutter: Y-You get used to it. I've been talking like th-this for years. Since I was a kid, believe it or not.

Fluent Speech: So... how long does this last? Is there any pill you can take or remedy to solve it? Is it the same severity for everybody?

Stutter: Pill??? I w-w-... I w-w---

Fluent Speech: Wish? Oh, wait. Sorry again. I have to stop doing that to you. You already told me it drives you bonkers.

Stutter: Yes, you do. I wish. To ans-answer your question some sometimes children grow out of me.  Not always. Children, t-t-teenagers and adults visit sp-speech therapists to make them sound more more like you instead of me. It differs from per-person to per-person.

Fluent Speech: Therapists can make me come out of someone's mouth instead of you? Probably wouldn't happen right away, but that would be an improvement… I mean... not that the way you come out is bad... just different. Besides interrupting, what else drives you nuts? I am curious...

Stutter: Hmmm. Occasionally, pe-people tease and laugh when I c-come out of someone's mouth.  They th-think it's funny. But it’s not very kind or f-funny. It’s not my f-f-fault I sound different different than you. I wish I c-could just stop and change how I c-come out right aw-away, but...

Fluent Speech: Yeah... I feel bad now because I was close to laughing at you when we met. It caught me off guard, how you sound. Most people expect to hear me and not... you. You are not something that comes out of mouths every day, but after chatting with you for awhile, it's no big deal.

Stutter: Thank you. You have gotten used to the un-unnatural flow? You're not interrupting m-m-me anymore. 

Fluent Speech: Just takes a couple more seconds to hear everything. I’m not in a huge hurry and no one else should be rushing you. I bet that hurts when it happens. 

Stutter: Yeah, it does. But I appreciate wh-when someone takes the time to l-learn more about me. I th-th-think that is just what is needed. More aw-awareness and just be-being kind to each other. Like you a-are to me me.

Fluent Speech: I completely agree and will make it my mission to correct anyone who doesn't understand you, Stutter. You can count on it. Well hey, I have to get going but it was a pleasure chatting with you. Nice to meet you.

Stutter: You too. Th-thanks for ha-hanging out.

Fluent Speech: Hey, maybe you could introduce me to another mouth that stutters. I would like that!

Stutter: C-Cool. I would like like that too.