Blog by Jane Fraser

As some of the world is practicing social distancing, we are spreading the word widely about our free resources available safely online. For families at home with children who stutter, please read this excellent blog post by Sara MacIntyre, M.A., CCC-SLP for school-aged resources.

But what about resources for older children and adults who stutter? We have two excellent self-help books available for free on our website:

Self-Therapy for the Stutterer by Malcolm Fraser:

This exciting 11th edition is written to and for the many adults and teens who stutter. It states confidently that as a person who stutters, you do not need to surrender helplessly to your speech difficulty because you can change the way you talk. You can learn to communicate with ease rather than with effort. There is no quick and easy way to tackle the problem, but with the right approach, self-therapy can be effective. This edition outlines a self-therapy program which describes what the person who stutters can do to tackle the problem and work towards better communication. It is often used as a supplement to clinical treatment.

Advice to Those Who Stutter by 28 therapists who stutter themselves:

This is a remarkable book of therapy advice. Nothing like it has ever been published before. What makes it unique and unusual is that every article in this book has been written by men and women who stutter themselves. Each one of them has been ‘through the mill’ and knows what it is to have experienced the fear, anxiety and despair which is so often the lot of the stutterer. They know your problem. Also all of the authors of these articles are now or have been speech pathologists. This means that they are experienced and trained in helping others with their speech problems—and they have written these articles to help you deal effectively with your stuttering.

Posted March 23, 2020