Blog by Rachel Dancy
Feb. 27, 2019

Along the spacious beach, an assortment of seashells lies in the sand. All of them are different and unique; some are large while others are small. They are designed in such a particular way, each possessing its own splendor and beauty. It is not the size or their perfect condition that is important, but the genuine individuality that attracts children and adults to pick them up and carry them home in their pocket. From a distance, it is hard to find originality of seashells; they all are similar. Up close though, their differences prevail.

Originality can be attributed to people who stutter as well, as each of us are designed differently. We possess various strengths and talents that define us; giving us shape and character. One child receives speech therapy at school, learning how to stretch out words and bounce a sound when she’s stuck. She loves her speech therapist finds the time spent talking to be rewarding and beneficial. A teenager gains courage as he reads out loud during English class; no one teases or pokes fun at him. Even though the words stuttered on are a handful, everyone listens with respect.

Each person is valuable and radiates beauty and splendor to those fortunate enough to see it through imperfections. As seashells of various sizes and shapes are caressed by waves and sand, people who stutter are shown that same love and affection by those who surround them.