Blog by Rachel Dancy
Feb. 15, 2019

Rachel, as a child, was very sweet. She always wore a smile with pig tails in her hair. However, she did not have many friends. Rachel spoke with bumpy speech and talked like this, “H-Hi, my name is R-R-Rachel.”

Kids teased and made fun of her. She sat alone during lunch and no one played with her at recess. She was a timid cub. Even though Rachel was not pretty or popular, she still smiled and knew her value.

Rachel grew up, still stuttering. Teenagers didn’t think she was cool and told her to go away. Rachel sat in a different part of the school because she needed extra help with her classes; she didn’t think as fast as the other classmates. A few classmates saw through the outside and found a friend. They thought Rachel to be a kind young person with a huge heart. 

After high school, Rachel transformed into a beautiful lioness. She found acceptance with her friends and was not teased anymore. Why? Eventually those kids learned to appreciate rather than dislike the differences in other people.

In the end, Rachel, the lioness, became strong and no one would have thought she had been the timid cub.