Blog by Rachel Dancy
July 16, 2019

Living with a stutter has a way of complicating communication, which can be frustrating. Uncomfortable situations creep up and leave you upset about the outcome. But there is one thing you need to focus on: forgiving yourself.

Forgive yourself for not being able to answer questions as fast or fluently as you would like.

Forgive yourself for ordering cheese pizza when you really wanted sausage, green pepper and black olives on a thick crust, but the task proved too exhausting to say at the moment.  

Forgive yourself for not asking your crush on a date even though you rehearsed saying their name a million times but once the moment came, their name was too hard to pronounce. 

Forgive yourself for changing your name to a different one that is easier to say; saying one’s name is often very difficult for people who stutter.   

Forgive yourself for any other situation that caused you heartbreak or distress. Forgive yourself and love yourself. Let me repeat that for good measure! Forgive yourself and love yourself; you can't control how you stutter.