A 9-Year-Old's Journey with Stuttering

A blog by Voon Pang
December 13, 2012

Sometimes stories are best told with pictures. Ben, a 9-year-old boy who started coming to our clinic in 2009, wanted to share his story so that others could find the inspiration and courage to continue their journey with their own stuttering. These pictures have been taken from Ben’s participation in our Confident Communicators group we ran this year where five boys and their parents participated in four group therapy sessions spread out over the year. The group focused on learning about stuttering and speech production, improving communication skills, opportunities to practice speech tools and strategies to help deal with bullying and teasing. Parent sessions focused on counselling, peer support and discussing ideas on how best to support their child. Many thanks to Ben and Christine for giving us permission to use these personal insights!

Before Group Therapy


During Group Therapy


End of Group Therapy




What are your thoughts on Delayed Auditory feedback device. Im about to purchase one for my daughter who just started college.

i dont knw why i cant speak like aa normal peosrn.stammer problem killing me day by day help me plz help me,when i fell afraid to talk with some one in that time i cant speak.the word did not came out from my mouth.i knw the word bt why i cant speak?nw i fell i should kill my self for that bcz that prb will damage my future badly ..help me sir plzzzzzzzzzzzz.how can overcome from this problem?

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So wonderful to see an Australian be part of this discussion. You motivate and inspire me Voon. Thanks :-)

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Matt,I don't have a stuttering prbleom unless it is a public speaking ordeal; then I am a mess. My inability to speak in public & subsequent stammering is so bad that I stopped going to prayer meeting years ago because I couldn't pray in public. When I did go, I got so nervous I got sick and when it was my turn, I would nudge the person next to me and say I was sick, and to skip me. Other times, I would excuse myself mid prayer service & come back in the room when it was over and tell them all I had a queasy stomach & needed a bathroom run. It was always a lie, I just was that petrified of speaking and the resulting stammering.~Tapper