Download Stuttering Straight Talk For Teachers Handbook.

Purchase Stuttering Straight Talk For Teachers Handbook.

This 32-page resource guide is a wonderful and affordable source of information and resources for both classroom teachers and speech-language pathologists concerned about children who stutter in the classroom.

Purchase additional copies for handouts - one copy free with each DVD #0126, Stuttering: Straight Talk for Teachers or use them by themselves.

The first section is designed specifically to answer teachers' most common questions about stuttering and how to interact with the child who stutters in the classroom.

The second section for speech-language pathologists offers advice on leading an inservice or working one-on-one with a teacher who has a child who stutters in the classroom and gives background information on stuttering.

A detailed resource list is included for children, parents, teachers, and speech-language pathologists as well as a reproducible, black and white copy of the popular 18 Famous People Who Stutter poster.