Resources for Teachers

We have compiled a list of resources on stuttering therapy, teasing, and building self-esteem in children. The list includes resources for children, parents, teachers, and speech-language pathologists. You may also call the Stuttering Foundation at 800-992-9392 for a list of support groups.

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Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain, by T. Romain and E. Verdick. This book mixes humor with practical suggestions to help children ages 8-13 become 'bully-proof,' get help in dangerous situations, and stop bullies from hurting others. Information for bullies is also included to help them get along with others and feel good about themselves without having to make others feel bad. Order from

The Bully Free Classroom: Over 100 Tips and Strategies for Teachers K-8, by A. L. Beane. More than 100 practical strategies for prevention and intervention with teasing and bullying that can be used immediately can be found in this book. It includes 45 pages of reproducible handout masters. Order from

Classroom Presentation Packet. This packet of materials contains cool tools to use when children make presentations to their class about stuttering. Thirty copies each of the 18 Famous People Who Stutter: National Stuttering Awareness Week and Did You Know: Fact Sheet About Stuttering brochures; one 18 Famous People Who Stutter poster, and one National Stuttering Awareness Week poster are included. All materials are in full color. Order from the Stuttering Foundation directly, No. 0130.

Do You Stutter: A Guide for Teens, 4th edition. Some problems are unique to teens who stutter. This 80-page book is written to and for teens to offer advice on solving some of these problems. Specialists in the field of stuttering write each chapter. Some of these specialists stutter. Order from the Stuttering Foundation directly, No. 0021.

Famous People Who Stutter Poster. Eighteen noted celebrities who stutter in full color. James Earl Jones, Annie Glenn, John Stossel, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Love, Mel Tillis, Bill Walton, Carly Simon, King George VI, Frank Wolf, Ken Venturi, John Updike, Robert Merrill, Winston Churchill, Kenyon Martin, John Melendez and Darren Sproles. 24' x 18'. Ideal for all settings to increase awareness about stuttering. Order from the Stuttering Foundation directly, No. 0054.

Fighting Invisible Tigers: A Stress Management Guide for Teens, revised, by E. Hipp and M. Fleishman. Written especially for teens in grades 6-12, the book is a wonderful resource of stress-management and life-management skills. Covers being assertive, building relationships, taking risks, making decisions, dealing with fears, using positive self-talk, and more. A 'Self-Care for Tiger Bites' offers immediate 'first aid' for teens who need fast stress relief. A Leader's Guide can also be ordered that includes a step-by-step curriculum for 12 sessions and handout masters. Order from

Good Friends are Hard to Find: Help Your Child Find, Make, and Keep Friends, by F. Frankel and B. Wetmore. A step-by-step guide for parents of children ages 5-12, that shows them how to help their children make friends and deal with other kids. Includes suggestions for dealing with teasing, bully, and meanness whether the child is the one being teased or the one who is teasing. Order from

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, by A. Faber and E. Mazlish. This book describes a step-by-step approach to improving communication in the home. 'Reminder' pages, helpful cartoons, and excellent exercises will improve parents' ability to talk and problem-solve with children. The suggestions are appropriate for teachers too. The tools provided are appropriate for children of all ages. Can be found in almost any bookstore or ordered from

If Your Child Stutters: A Guide for Parents, 7th edition. Written for those who are concerned about the speech of the young child, this book helps distinguish between normal disfluencies and stuttering and offers practical suggestions parents can use immediately with their child. Many experts in the field of stuttering contributed to the book. Order from the Stuttering Foundation directly, No. 0011. Also available in Spanish, No. 0015.

If You Think Your Child is Stuttering, New Tips for Parents. This popular brochure describes the difference between normal disfluencies and stuttering and offers 9 tips that parents can immediately use to help their child. Order from the Stuttering Foundation directly, No. 0041. Also available in Spanish, No. 0048.

I'm Like You, You're Like Me: A Child's Book About Understanding and Celebrating Each Other, by C. Gainer. Simple words and cute illustrations help children ages 3-8 discover and celebrate on their level individual differences: hair, families, body shapes, etc. Topics explored in basic terms include talking, listening, feelings, and cooperation. A Leader's Guide can also be ordered that includes activities, discussion questions, and reproducible handouts for parents. Order from

The School-Age Child Who Stutters: Working Effectively with Attitudes and Emotions'A Workbook, by K. Chmela and N. Reardon. Numerous strategies for helping children make positive changes in feelings and beliefs are presented using examples from real children. Concrete methods for documenting present levels of feelings and beliefs are included, as well as therapy ideas to promote change. There are reproducible pages throughout the book. Order from the Stuttering Foundation directly, No. 0005.

Sometimes I Just Stutter, a book for ages 7 to 12, by E. de Geus. Written for children who stutter, this book talks about what makes you stutter, why sometimes you stutter and sometimes you don't, why some people don't understand why you stutter, what others know about stuttering, that a lot of other kids stutter too, and what to do if you are teased about stuttering. Order from the Stuttering Foundation directly, No. 0031. Also available in Spanish, No. 0032

Stick Up For Yourself! Every Kid's Guide to Personal Power and Positive Self-Esteem, revised, by G. Kaufman, L. Raphael, & P. Espeland. Written for children in grades 3-7, this book contains simple words with real-life examples to help children build self-esteem, assertiveness skills, responsibility, and healthy relationships. A Teacher's Guide is also available for this book with outlines for ten sessions including reproducibles. Order from

Sticks and Stones: 7 Ways Your Child Can Deal with Teasing, Conflict, and Other Hard Times, by S. Cooper. This book helps parents of children ages 4-12 teach their children the verbal skills they need to defend against hurtful words others say to them. There are examples and sample scripts that help children learn how to speak up, shut down bullies, counter peer pressure, deal with fights, etc. Order from

Stress Can Really Get on Your Nerves!, by T. Romain & E. Verdick. Blending facts, reassurance, and humor, this book written for children ages 8-13 helps them understand and manage their stress. It offers specific ways to deal with stress. Order from

Stuttering and the Bilingual Child. This brochure explains the unique demands being bilingual places on the stuttering child, and offers suggestions for reducing language demands as well as ideas for structuring therapy. Order from the Stuttering Foundation directly, No. 0110.

Stuttering and Your Child: Help for Parents. This 30-minute DVD is for families of preschool children who stutter. It focuses on helping families understand stuttering and make changes to promote more fluent speech. Order from the Stuttering Foundation directly, No. 0073. English/Spanish.

Stuttering and Your Child: Questions and Answers, 3rd edition. This book represents the most up-to-date thoughts of seven leading authorities in stuttering. Answers to questions most often asked by parents enable them to work with their child in ways that contribute to the development of better fluency. This book is a must for both parents and teachers. Order from the Stuttering Foundation directly, No. 0022.

Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids. Speech-language pathologists who specialize in the treatment of fluency disorders spent more than a year developing the script for this 12-minute DVD. The result is a lively, engaging and highly effective DVD that gives kids positive ways to manage their stuttering, boosts confidence and helps them feel better about themselves. A new and non-threatening way to discuss stuttering. Order from the Stuttering Foundation directly, DVD No. 0172 (English) and No. 9172 (Spanish).

Stuttering: Straight Talk for Teens. Every teen needs to know that he or she is not alone, and that real help is available. In this 30-minute DVD, teens share experiences and talk about what works. Clinicians demonstrate and discuss what stuttering is, concerns and feelings associated with stuttering, and ways the teen can help himself and where to find help. Order from the Stuttering Foundation directly, No. 1076.

Treating the School-Age Child Who Stutters: A Guide for Clinicians, 2nd edition by C. Dell. Written by a former public school SLP who was one of the first to be trained as a stuttering specialist, this 108-page book offers sample dialogues and numerous tools for working effectively with school-age children who stutter. A must for any public school speech-language pathologist working with elementary-aged children. Order from the Stuttering Foundation directly, No. 0014.

Therapy in Action: The School-Age Child Who Stutters. This 40-minute DVD provides information about what stuttering looks and sounds like, addresses concerns associated with stuttering in the school-age child, and demonstrates segments of therapy in action by renowned specialists with school-age children. Order from the Stuttering Foundation directly, DVD No. 1079.

Trouble at Recess. This 30-page book written and illustrated by 8 year-old Jamie describes the tribulations that many children who stutter encounter both in the classroom and on the playground. A must-have for all kids who stutter and others too! Order from the Stuttering Foundation directly, No. 0034.

We Can Get Along: A Child's Book of Choices, by L. M. Payne & C. Rohling. For children ages 3-8, this book teaches conflict resolution and peacemaking skills in a way that young children can understand. A Leader's Guide can also be ordered that includes activities, discussion questions, and reproducible handouts for parents. Order from