While the Oscar-winning movie The King’s Speech is universally treasured by the stuttering community, there is a hidden gem on the DVD and Blu-ray editions released in mid-April.

A 60-second public service announcement (PSA) created by the Stuttering Foundation is included in the “Special Features” section of the DVD and Blu-ray release. The PSA features children who stutter sharing their own experiences with stuttering and treatment, and offers assistance through the Foundation’s website and toll-free hotline.

“We’ve been stunned by the tremendous response to the public service announcement from viewers across the country looking for help with stuttering,” said Jane Fraser, president of the Stuttering Foundation.

“Inclusion of our PSA on the DVD is so marvelous for our cause.”

“We hope a copy of The King’s Speech DVD, including our video, will end up in the home of every person who stutters, every speech therapist’s office, every school counselor’s desk and every university speech-language course professor’s briefcase,” Fraser said. “It is a story worth seeing over and over again for years to come.”

-From the Fall 2011 Newsletter