A Blog by Rachel Dancy
March 18, 2020

If I could l-l-look at my younger self dressed in a plaid red school uniform, I would tell her don’t, don’t be afraid.

Don’t be afraid of being teased for stuttering by classmates who don’t understand y-you. Some of them will be friends with you years from now. Gr-Great friends. F-F-Friends who weave hats for you and give you support, prayer and encouragement. Family and best friends of yours will treasure, love and enjoy your friendship and sense of humor.

Don’t be afraid of reading st-stories and articles aloud even if you’re laughed at. People with disabilities and seniors will hang onto every word read by you, whether stuttering or not. Your, your confidence will soar as eyes widen and sm-smiles broaden from residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s that just love your voice. N-N-Nothing else.

Don’t be afraid to love yourself. You are so worth it, you really are, Ra-Rachel. Even though you feel sad and lonely now, your life is going to improve. You will wear hearing aids that, that will give you a new outlook on life and the right people will l-l-love you!