Looking for Answers? Ask the Stuttering Foundation!

The Stuttering Foundation receives dozens of inquiries daily by telephone, email, and generated on our website.

People who stutter, parents of children who stutter, teachers, pediatricians, speech-language pathologists, journalists, and many others from all over the world reach out to the Stuttering Foundation to find help for themselves or others who stutter and to learn more about stuttering. Each inquiry is answered quickly and individually. Free or low-cost online resources, services, and support are offered from our many links, brochures, books, videos, and podcasts.

Some of the queries are more common such as parents who become concerned when their preschoolers begin to stutter, or people who stutter of any age reaching out to learn from others who also stutter. Some requests are less common such as pediatricians or speech-language pathologists looking for resources in less frequently spoken languages. Whatever the content, we respond to meet the needs of people who stutter around the globe.

Rather than answering one query at a time, we will use our Ask the Stuttering Foundation YouTube channel to share some the common questions we receive.

To ask a question, please email us at AskStutteringFoundation@stutteringhelp.org.