December 1, 2020

Dr. Ellen Kelly hosts today's episode, which is an audio adaptation of a video presentation (video viewing details below). This "Career Retrospective" Series is a new Stuttering Foundation project. Through this project, we hope to honor and archive the careers, stories, lessons, and advice for future generations from the "Stuttering Giants."

In this candid interview, Dr. Ehud Yairi summarizes just a few of his major contributions to our understanding of the onset, development, and persistence of stuttering. His career retrospective is interwoven with his personal experiences of stuttering as a child and young adult in Israel and how they influenced his decision to enroll at the University of Iowa for graduate studies, where he also met his wife Janie. Professor Yairi recalls the avenues of inquiry and outcomes of over 50 years of pioneering research in stuttering, discusses some related implications, and offers a bit of advice for current and future clinicians and researchers.

Note: there is a video version complete with visual slides that really enrich the experience. We recommend viewing via the Stuttering Foundation Streaming Video Library.

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