September 14, 2021

Voon Pang returns for an 'all-things stuttering' chat with Sara! They discuss Voon's path towards gaining greater clinical expertise in stuttering, the positive shifts in climate of the New Zealand/ Australia stuttering world that he is noticing, best hopes for change for clients, allyship and the stuttering pride movement, and more!

Links Referenced in Episode:

Chapter referenced, "The Therapeutic Journey- Guided by Road Map or SAT-NAV" by Frances Cook (2012)

Mary Weidner's Virtual Learning Webinar, "Building a Supportive Community for Children Who Stutter"

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"Cultivating Stuttering Pride: Guiding Principles for Speech Language Therapists"

Voon Pang, BSc Speech Pathology, MNZSTA, CPSP, University of Auckland: Lives in Auckland, New Zealand with his partner and dog. He is a speech language therapist and clinical educator at the University of Auckland and owns a practice specializing in working with people who stutter and students with language and literacy related difficulties. His passion is to help people become the best communicator they can be as well as standing tall and being proud of their individuality. 

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