Stuttering Foundation Continuing Education Catalog

Description: This 2+ hour video course demonstrates speech management strategies to help you work effectively with children and adults who stutter.

Chapters include: Exploring Talking and Stuttering (identification, exploring stuttering, exploring change); Tools for Change (specific speech management techniques) and Making change durable (transfer and disclosure).

Dynamic demonstration of stuttering therapy techniques by experts from around the world:

Barry Guitar, Ph.D., University of Vermont; Peter Ramig, Ph.D., University of Colorado-Boulder;Patricia Zebrowski, Ph.D.,University of Iowa; and June Campbell, M.A.,private practice. From the Michael Palin Centre in London Ali Biggart, BA (Hons), MSc,Jane Fry, MSc (Hons), MRCSLT,; Willie Botterill, MSc, MRCSLT,; Frances Cook, MSc,MRCSLT (Hons), Cert CT (Oxford);and Alison Nicolas, MSc, MRCSLT

This course is worth 3 contact hours, eligible for 0.3 ASHA CEUs upon successful completion of the learner assessment.

Barry Guitar, Frances Cook, Tricia Zebrowski, and Peter Ramig received honoraria for their work on this presentation. Barry Guitar, Frances Cook, Tricia Zebrowski, and Peter Ramig have no non-financial relationships with the nonprofit Stuttering Foundation to disclose.

Dates Available: 
05/09/2012 to 09/01/2017
Registration Deadline: 
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