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Stuttering Foundation resources translated into French...

CET ENFANT N’EST PAS FLUENT S’AGIT-IL DE BÉGAIEMENT OU D’AUTRE CHOSE ?  French translation of the research article, This Child Isn’t Fluent — Is It Stuttering Or Something Else?

Une auto-thérapie pour personnes qui bégaient French translation of Self-Therapy for the Stutterer

6 Tips for Speaking With Someone Who Stutters in French

7 Tips for Talking With Your Child in French

Utiliser le Telephone French translation of Using the Telephone

Mon enfant bgaie: comment en parler l'cole ? French translation of 8 Tips for Teachers.

Grille des facteurs de risque du begaiement French translation of Risk Factor Chart.

Des fois, je bgaie French translation of Sometimes I Just Stutter. Translated by Laurent Lagarde

Conseils pour ceux qui begaient French translation of Advice to Those Who Stutter  A French blog on stuttering