The annual audit of the Stuttering Foundation financial reports for 2015 is still in progress. It is being performed by the accounting firm of Cannon and Company, Certified Public Accountants, Memphis, Tenn. Following is an unaudited recap of funds and expenditures for the year. The 4.4% of expenditures for administration and general expenses and 1% for fund raising are very low, and since we are fortunate to have an endowment which more than covers our overhead expenses, donors can be assured that their gifts will go directly to support our program services. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private operating foundation which expends its funds on its own programs and operations and does not make grants to other institutions.

Funds expended for:
Creation, production, printing and distribution of educational materials   $644,662      30.9%
Public information and education                                                               768,079       36.8%
Research, treatment programs, and symposia                                            449,984       21.6%
Maintain Web site and toll-free information hotline                                    109,792         5.3%
Total for Program Services:                                                              $1,972,516       94.6%
Other expenditures:
Administration and general                                                                           89,646         4.4%
Fund-raising expense                                                                                   22,409         1.0%
Total Expenditures:                                                                           $2,084,570        100%