Stuttering Foundation Continuing Education Catalog

Increase your confidence and flexibility in teaching students to modify their speech behavior! In this 153-minute video, filmed at the Stuttering Foundation’s 2014 two-day conference on working with the school-aged child, Dr. Patricia Zebrowski describes how to teach children to make speech change using Dean Williams’ Normal Talking Approach as a foundation. Then, Dr. Zebrowski reviews the various speech modification strategies clinicians can use with children who stutter, including what each technique is designed to change within the speech system and how to use apply the technique in therapy.

This course is offered for 0.25 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional area).

Patricia Zebrowski: Receives a salary from the University of Iowa and received an honorarium from the
Stuttering Foundation for teaching the lecture.
Patricia Zebrowski: None

Dates Available: 
07/30/2018 to 07/31/2021
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